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The website is available for free to all visitors. It is an informational resource providing expert reviews for those looking for dating sites. The posts on the site include descriptions, comparisons, analytics, and tips to ensure relevant information for readers. At the same time, we cannot cover 100% of Web-based dating platforms.

Operating managers of this site cooperate with a wide range of vendors in the dating industry. The site gets compensation from them in exchange for advertising. Such collaboration in a way defines the content, including dating site’s rankings and their trustworthiness. At the same time, the information presented in the reviews remains valuable. It discloses objective features, the pros and cons, and the credibility of a particular site. We don’t market but research and present conclusions based on expert analytics.

Here are terms and rules that underlie our website,

  1. Privacy Statement and Disclaimer
  • All conditions and working principles concerning you are relevant to all visitors that use the site to get the necessary information. The first rule is the mandatory acceptance to agree with our terms and conditions.
  • Such pronouns as “our,” “we,” “us,” and “ourselves” means our reviewing resource.
  • While reading “us,” “party,” and “parties,” you should understand them as consumers or the Best Hookup website, depending on the context. That’s why it’s crucial to read attentively to figure out who is being addressed.
  • As a legit platform, we follow the USA federal and state laws. Despite the agreement’s content, our readers and partners have free will to accept or reject their participation and our terms. Still, we always consider our readers’ requirements and provide a positive and honest experience while delivering the right information about a specific dating platform.
  • All pronouns used in this article may replace each other. They may also be used in various forms or capitalized. However, they would address the same visitor on the site.
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Once you enter the website, you have to agree to accept cookies. These files are a part of our privacy statement crucial to make anyone’s presence on the site more efficient and useful.

Cookie files collected by the site’s algorithms track visitors’ activities each time they land on our pages. All data analyzed by us help us enhance the site’s usability and navigation for a better user experience. We and other informational and commercial web resources collect cookies if a customer allows us to use and store them in their browsers. In this way, your agreement to accept them is a priority.

  1. License

The Best Hookup online service, its operating company, and the regulator own the information disclosed on the site’s web pages de facto and de jure unless otherwise specified. The intellectual property rights protected by law mean the opportunity for consumers to visit the site and read its content with the following restrictions:

  • Reposts of any piece of content on other sites.
  • Content transfer to others on the rights of owners or renters.
  • Copying the information on in order to use it as unique content on other sites.
  • Any type of dispatch of materials from
  • Hyperlinks while referencing our website.

When it doesn’t deal with companies and individuals, the following parties are eligible for referring to our articles and reviews without our consent:

  • Search engines
  • Public authorities
  • Mass media
  • Online directory distributors after they mention the website on their business listings
  • Commercial organizations if they don’t use the info for crowdfunding and other charity events.

All those online and offline organizations have the right to make references to our web pages of they ensure the following stuff:

  • The information is accurate
  • The link is used for non-commercial goals and doesn’t imply charitable works.
  • The linked content on the other site should be within the same niche as posts on

If our users want to link their content to our resource, they have to get our approval. The final decision lay with us, which means that both our consent and rejection are possible.

Should consumers wish to hyperlink to our website, they should seek consent from us. We may approve and approve requests from other sources like, for example:

  • Well-known and widely used organizations.
  • resource.
  • Philanthropic organizations
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  • Wholesale supplier directories
  • Trade union bodies, educational, and research structures.
  • B2B consulting and legal firms

Before allowing linking, we check all the entities mentioned on the list for their relevance to our rules:

  • All references to our website will show it from a bright or neutral side.
  • The entities referring to our site should be legit and feature good standing.
  • The pros of Best Hookup website should be equal to our content.
  • The linked edition or company should correspond to our website’s topic, mission, and goals.

Both commercial and informational online platforms should provide the following guarantees when they refer to our post:

  • The link will lead people in the right direction, disclosing impartial information.
  • The reference won’t work for charity.
  • The referring company or site has the same terms and conditions.

Online organizations and portals looking for our approval and having the intentions to link to our content should inform send a request via email. It’s crucial to identify yourself in detail, providing your name, URL, contacts, working principles, and other important details that reveal your business activity type. Besides, it’s necessary to specify the URL of the webpage you want to link. We ensure the soon answer to notify you about our decision. At the same time, you should note the maximum term of three weeks.

When a site, vendor, or any other entity from our list get approval, it should use the following data:

  • The official company’s name, the same specified on the site.
  • Our URL
  • Self-explanatory and descriptive information correspondent to our site.

At the same time, the entities eligible for using our links cannot post our logos and other pieces of content that require the officially signed agreement.

  1. Iframes

It’s necessary to request permission and get our consent if you want to use or create frames on our website. In any case, you are not allowed to reproduce our website’s design, colors, layout, interactivity, etc., by using any software and methods.

  1. Content Liability

The website provides recommendations but isn’t responsible for the reader’s decision to choose one or another dating service. We don’t promote but describe a particular site’s features and offers.

All our content has nothing in common with criminal activities, harassment, abuse, or other inappropriate attitudes. The posted reviews undermine third-party resources, companies, and individuals in no way.

  1. Reservation of rights

Those using our links should be ready to remove them from their resources on short notice without discussions. Moreover, we can update or completely change all terms concerning references and other aspects of cooperation with our resource.

  1. Removal of links from our website

If unacceptable links are noticed on our website, those revealing them should inform us about the issue. We don’t have to follow other entities’ recommendations to remove particular links, but we’ll check the info and respond to request if necessary.

Expert reviews based on research reflect objective reality. Still, we cannot ensure the content’s 100% relevance since reviewed services can update their offers faster than our clarification on reviews.

  1. Disclaimer

According to current regulations, our guaranties stay within the law. It means that we don’t go far beyond state and federal requirements and won’t assume responsibilities for the following:

  • Moral and physical traumas, including death because of indiscretion.
  • Troubles caused by scamming erroneous interpretation.
  • Attempt to make us liable for stuff outside the law.

Besides, no point in this paragraph doesn’t limit your rights if the law implies them.

Exemptions and constraints of obligations envisaged in this, and other paragraphs of the disclaimer regulate the commitments encountered in the disclaimer or agreement, meaning carelessness and violation of legislative obligations.

We are not responsible for any type of hurt and losses resulting from using our website since all its content is free.