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Happn VS Tinder: What To Choose

Happn VS Tinder: What To Choose

Tinder is the most famous dating service globally. The platform is known for hookups, but some users use it to find friends or long-term partners. The Happn dating app, on the other hand, is still young. The website connects individuals who have met outside the app within a two hundred and fifty meters range. It has brought so much attention since it emerged. If you wish to date online, keep reading this article to determine which platform is ideal for you.

How Happn and Tinder Function?

The two dating services have some differences and similarities. Below are their pros and cons:


Happn Tinder
  • Members can find people within their location;
  • A quick registration process;
  • Members connect with others easily;
  • The location feature is accurate;
  • The Invisibility Mode for free accounts to avoid crossing with premiums.
  • The dating service is popular;
  • Large population, making it easier to find partners;
  • The registration activity does not take time;
  • Users can communicate through video chat;
  • The site is straightforward and has an interactive interface.


Happn Tinder
  • Matching users based on location doesn’t mean you’ll have similar interests;
  • The service is not fun for people living in small or less populated places;
  • Revealing your location can bring privacy and safety problems;
  • Users can only match and interact based on distance;
  • The app fails to work when many people are in one place.
  • Profiles have insufficient information;
  • The platform is famous for sex-focused relationships;
  • The app requires users to turn on their GPS;
  • Customers need to pay to enjoy valuable features;
  • There are bots and fake users.

Design And Usability: Happn VS Tinder

Both dating websites feature a simple design. Customers do not need to be computer-literate to know how they work.

Web & App Design


The platform features a clean outlook that makes it easier to operate. Its features get shown using suggestive icons that are easily accessible. Alerts are not difficult to manage, and people can see the members that cross their paths within the previous week.


The service is accessible on phone and desktop. Both devices are easy to access, and the features are the same for both the free and premium accounts.

Registering on the site does not take time, and finding a match is through swiping.


Platforms Happn Tinder
iOS App
Android App
Web/Desktop Version

Member Base

Below found information about the audience on both dating platforms.

Number of users


There are more than sixty million members. Tinder has an average of eight million active people every week.


There are around fifty million users. Each week there is an average of one million active members.


Both websites suit the young generation. Most users are between twenty-four and thirty-five years.



The service is accessible in over one hundred and ninety nations globally. In addition, it is available in forty languages.

The majority of the customers are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Australia and France.


The site features users from more than forty nations and fifty top cities globally. However, most customers are from the United States and Australia.

Male/Female Accounts


The number of male customers is two times more than women.


Male users outnumber the females. They make 60% of the site population.

Registration & Profile

The signup activity is stress-free on either of the dating sites.


Customers can join by connecting their Facebook accounts or register using a mobile number. New users need to provide the following details:

  • Date of birth;
  • Sex;
  • Name.

The site does not require people to provide any other details. However, it is good to let other members know what you do and your education. You also need to indicate the gender of the person you wish to meet.

After doing the above, you are ready to go with no verification. It is crucial to know that you can only find matches as per gender and age. The about section is optional, but users can write something about themselves up to five hundred words. Doing that can make people want to meet you.

The platform also requires customers to have a display picture, and they can also upload nine other images. Ensure you pick photos that show who you are. Users may connect their Spotify and Instagram accounts as well.


Registration takes a few minutes. Users can register using their Facebook accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers. The required details are:

  • Name;
  • Sex;
  • Date of birth.

Users also need to have a profile picture. The site will send them a code after signing up. They will use it to access their accounts.

Other profile details include a bio and distance between members. The site also allows adding music from Spotify.

Happn VS Tinder: Differences In Searching And Matching


Users search for matches through swiping. The site displays images of other members. If you find an interesting partner, you swipe right. Swiping left implies you don’t like the person.

If a user likes you back, you become a match. After that, you can start communicating.


Users need to enable their device GPS to get the most out of the app.

When you are walking around, the application will detect other users around you. You will also get a timeline of the individuals you crossed paths with the next time you log in.

You will see how often you crossed paths with people, where you were, their profession, and pictures. If you find someone attractive, you need to click on the heart icon to send them a like.

If an individual likes you back, you can start communicating. The app also allows sending charms if you want people to notice you.

Possibility to Meet your Love

The chances of finding a serious partner are higher on the Happn website than on Tinder. You can find detailed profiles of individuals looking for someone who wants to settle down or start a family.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Tinder is popular for hookups, and you will rarely meet individuals interested in serious commitments or marriage.

You can also find casual dates on Happn, but the number is lower compared to Tinder.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety


The profiles do not have many details. However, the site has a bio section where customers can describe themselves. In finding matches, users can swipe right if they like a person. If you don’t like someone, you swipe left. In addition, the platform allows users to add six pictures, and they can add music.

Customers have various safety features meant to keep them safe when looking for matches. They include the text screening function, a panic tool used on dates, and picture verification.

There is even a safety center where members find guidelines on ensuring safety when using the service.


The site profiles don’t have many details. You can only find a name, photo, gender, location, education, employment and a short description if a person provides one. Users can share nine images. Those with upgraded accounts can edit their details.

Individuals that want to find genuine partners must provide more information about themselves. There is no swiping on the site. Customers only need to make their profiles attractive to find compatible matches.

Users can increase their safety by avoiding sharing too much information about themselves. Another way to remain safe is by turning off your location. Though you need it to find suitable matches, sometimes it is not necessary. For instance, if you are at a work meeting, you will not want your bosses to know that you are using a dating app.

The app also has an invisible mode, which, when turned on, hides users’ profiles. Another good safety measure is turning on a VPN to protect your data.

Verification of Users


The site does not verify users. However, customers can report malicious members and block anyone they don’t want to see.


Users get verified via Facebook, email, or phone number.

Fakes or Scam


The dating platform collects basic details like name, sex, and date of birth. That is the only information needed to become a member. Users have to upload a picture because it increases the possibility of finding partners.

Happn does not require members to connect to Facebook accounts. However, since there are fake users on the site, you should link the account. Doing that will help in reducing catfishing.

The site does well in helping people find partners within a location. However, the feature makes things weird among customers. If you are in a large town, that won’t be an issue. However, individuals living in small cities might feel uncomfortable. A person does not get the exact place, and you will only get an alert once he/she is within two hundred and fifty meters.


The platform has many fake profiles and bots. Customers have to be cautious when using it. They have to watch out for red flags. Below is what they can do:

  • Site members should not reveal personal information to people they meet online;
  • If someone asks for money, that is a red flag;
  • If a person wants to meet you in a private place, that is also a red flag;
  • Some people might send you external links. Never click them because it could be a way to collect your details.

The website has block and report options. Customers are free to use them whenever they feel like a person is up to something terrible.

Another way to ensure safety on the website is through the Noolight feature. Customers need to share their date details. Then, when things go wrong, they can ask for help. It is necessary to keep the GPS on to get assisted.

Pricing Policies


There are the Gold, Plus and Platinum memberships. The amount that users above twenty-eight years pay for each plan is higher than those of younger members.

The Plus and Gold plans offer the same features, but the former allows people to see who likes them.

The Platinum option has the entire Plus and Gold services with additional like:

  • Priority likes;
  • Text before finding a match;
  • Users can view the likes they send.


The Gold option for people under twenty-eight years

  • One month: 14.99 dollars.
  • Six months: 52.99 dollars.
  • One year: Users pay 82.99 dollars.

The Gold option for people above twenty-eight years

  • One month: 29.99 dollars.
  • Six months: 112.99 dollars.
  • One year: It costs 149.99 dollars.

Plus, plan for people below twenty-eight years.

  • One month: 9.99 dollars.
  • Six months: 34.99 dollars.
  • One year: Members pay 54.99 dollars.

Plus, plan for people above twenty-eight years.

  • One month: 19.99 dollars.
  • Six months: 10.00 dollars.
  • One year: People pay 6.67 dollars.

Platinum for people under twenty-eight years

  • One month: 14.32 dollars.
  • Six months: 50.10 dollars.
  • One year: It costs 71.64 dollars.

Platinum for people above twenty-eight years

  • One month: 17.99 dollars.
  • Six months: 63.00 dollars.
  • One year: It costs 90.00 dollars.


The cost is as below:

  • One month: 24.99 dollars.
  • Six-month membership: It costs 15.00 dollars per month.
  • One-year plan: It costs ten dollars per month.

Users with premium accounts enjoy the following:

  • They can send ten hellos daily;
  • You can plan invisibility;
  • Users can adjust their privacy to remain anonymous;
  • There are no ads;
  • Crush Time.

Free Membership


The platform has several benefits for free members. Anytime someone crosses your path, he/she will show up on your timeline, and you can view the number of times you crossed paths. If you do not find that person attractive, you can click on the cross icon, and the site will not show him/her again.

If you like a person, you should click the heart sign. The users will, however, not get a notification unless he/she likes you back. You can make sure the person notices you by using the Charm feature. If you don’t want to get seen, you can use the invisible mode.

Users also need to note that locations are not accurate. Also, if you do not like someone, you can block him/her. Customers may also decide to interact with others using Facebook, where they see active members. Doing that lowers the chances of meeting scammers. The members may also use status updates to inform others about what they are doing.


Users download an app and register without spending money. They can also swipe right or left. People who like each other get added to the matches list and can start communicating.

A free account gives people access to members within a hundred miles radius. Customers also get one super like daily to use on the person they love most.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

GOOD FOR communicating with new people and dating
GOOD FOR communicating people from all over world

Both dating platforms have something to offer their customers. Tinder is ideal for people interested in dating with no commitments. Busy individuals that want dedicated partners should use Happn. Dating, nowadays, only works if two people have the same lifestyle or work close to each other. That is the only way to spend quality time with each other.

Happn is also ideal for individuals who feel like they crossed paths with their soulmates but never found a way to communicate. It is the perfect platform for reconnecting missed connections.

It is also easier to find matches on Happn because you only look at people within your location. On the Tinder app, users have to swipe several times to find the right person.

So, choose Tinder if you have time to swipe through many users and want to date for fun. However, if you wish to meet a long-lasting partner close to where you are, go for Happn.

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