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Catholic Singles VS CatholicMatch: What To Choose

Catholic Singles VS CatholicMatch: What To Choose

The two websites are meant to cater to Catholic Singles looking for faith-focused relationships. They aim to connect people who share the same values and faith.

Run by Acolyte, Catholic Match is one of the favorite and most extensive dating websites for Catholics. The unique website takes users through catholic questions while setting up their profile. Users answer these questions by agreeing, not agreeing, or slightly agreeing. The website also has a CatholicMatch institute where users can find success and dating advice for a successful marriage.

On the other hand, Catholic Singles strive to connect catholic believers to focus more on their activities rather than pictures. New members are asked questions about their personality, interests, family background, and how frequently they attend church. You will also respond to “Significance of religion in daily life, the meaning of catholic to you”, among other prompts that may appear. Unlike CatholicMatch, this website will never ask you whether you will agree with catholic teachings and values or not. Catholic Singles might be the choice for those who take faith seriously. Maybe those who are active in the church would find it appealing. The website prides itself as the only catholic website that allows messaging without payment.

How Are Catholic Singles and CatholicMatch Function?

If you are looking for a relationship built around catholic beliefs, CatholicMatch is worth considering. The website offers a good selection of singles from all over the world. It’s a website that is endorsed by distinguished catholic leaders who take religion seriously. However, only good people are allowed to join this website. Even if you are a catholic, but your faith means very little to you, it won’t be the best option.

All in all, the site is easy to use and offers unique features that will help you connect with your matched description. The registration process for this site is straightforward. It even allows users to create their accounts via Facebook. The profiles are perfectly arranged. You will also get impressed by how the information is organized.

On the other hand, Catholic Singles offer an excellent platform where Catholic Singles can connect with others without paying for messaging. Building a profile that portrays your story as a catholic is pretty simple. Yes, because the website provides an exclusive profile builder which helps members create an account within seconds. All new members undergo a 10-minute compatibility test which provides them with an opportunity to match with other users.


Catholic Singles CatholicMatch
  • Quick sign up process
  • A catholic website focusing on connecting singles looking to find their
  • Free messaging between mutual favorites
  • Allows members to connect by community polls
  • Cheap one-month premium subscription
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Offers free six months trials to see the matches that suit you
  • Backed up by prominent religious leaders
  • Faith-based catholic website
  • Large user base


Catholic Singles CatholicMatch
  • Free users cannot send winks.
  • Expensive six-month membership
  • No community polls or forums
  • Plenty of Fake profiles and scams
  • No free messaging unless you subscribe to premium
  • The signup process takes a little while
  • No mobile app
  • You can’t see other members’ last seen.

Design And Usability: Catholic Singles VS CatholicMatch

Both hookup sites have pretty designs and interfaces. But how do they differ?

  1. Catholic Singles

The website features an excellent theme with nicely laid out features. It’s easy to navigate as soon as you log in. What sets this website apart is its powerful online dating tools that quickly help users find their perfect match.

  1. CatholicMatch

The website provides a sophisticated feel. The home page features an excellent design. It’s not too cluttered but perfectly spaced. It’s easy to navigate because most of its features are found upfront. This also makes it more accessible.

Another important thing you can love about this website is that you can hide your profile picture. The website offers plenty of options for hiding your display image depending on time and reason.

Web & App Design

How can you access either Catholic Singles or What about the design?

  1. Catholic

SinglesThe website is responsive, and browsing this platform is a smooth experience. All features are perfectly displayed to avoid users clicking through the tabs. It offers plenty of sections where you can click to see active users, recent messages, matches made in a day, and weekly polls. However, Catholic Singles offers an inadequate criteria system. So, finding your match can seem pretty hard.

Catholic Singles dating site has a mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android users. The app is straightforward to use and comes with well-laid features that can help you find your soulmate.

  1. CatholicMatch

CatholicMatch’s web design offers users a direct experience. The home page is perfectly organized, so you can easily find most of their features upfront. Most often, you cannot find ads popping in, and if they appear, they are from religious organizations. The good thing about this website is the filtering system which helps users find their matched descriptions easily. Unfortunately, CatholicMatch doesn’t have a mobile application, but users can access the web version via their phones.


Platforms Catholic Singles CatholicMatch
iOS App ×
Android app ×
Web/Desktop Version

CatholicMatch Member Base

While CatholicMatch is the most popular dating website, most of its members are believers of the catholic faith. It has over 1.5 million members across the globe and continues to expand. Most of its users come from English-speaking countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, and the USA.

The internet dating giant is also an all-around better investment with prominent catholic leaders and royals from powerful countries. Most of its members are 55+ years old, focusing on learning teachings for the Catholics.

Male/Female Accounts

Both websites welcome both genders to join the community. CatholicMatch balances the ratio of men to women. So, this is important, especially when it comes to matching users.

Registration & Profile

Registration and profile creation is essential on both dating sites.

Registering on Catholic Singles

The website offers a quick and simple registration process. If you feel there’s no need to fill out your profile, you can skip it. However, it will send you a message later reminding you to fill out the incomplete information. Most of your profile information includes questions about how often you go to church, whether you smoke or not, and many more.

The website encourages members to answer essays to four main questions: what are you looking for, the Significance of religion in your life, what being a catholic means to you, and what will you like on your first date. The mix of open-minded and multiple-choice questions will help you build a comprehensive profile.

Signing up on CatholicMatch

It’s from creating an account that this website takes Catholicism seriously. All new members are asked to answer questions about their faith (their thoughts on premarital teachings, how often they attend mass, and so on). Although the registration process takes a while, this is done to ensure only classic catholic members join the website. Creating an account at CatholicMatch will not take you more than 20 minutes. But if you want to create a unique profile, you can take a temperament test to see users you can match. CatholicMatch allows users to register their accounts using email or Facebook.

Unlike other websites which allow members to create their username, CatholicMatch will assign you a unique username.

Catholic Singles Vs CatholicMatch: Differences In Searching And Matching

After creating a profile, you will be excited to meet a perfect partner. But where do you start?

  1. Catholic Singles

Finding your matched description on this website depends on how you create your profile. If your profile contains shallow information about yourself, it can be pretty hard to find your loved one, even with the best tricks. To make everything simple and accessible, they offer an exclusive profile builder. It’s a tool that helps users match with other singles who share their opinions and interests. The website also connects you with matches through their community polls. Just participate, and they will match you with users who share your opinion, not just a display picture.


Searching singles on this website is simple because everything is well organized. Once you log in, the profile offers a quick view to help users see things faster. Their search function is reasonable. Members can access profiles they want instantly (even if you are on a free trial). The website allows users to pick their perfect men or women within the search.

It also saves members’ searches for quick access to your perfect matches. The search function can save a plethora of searches if there are many matches you are looking for.

The filter criteria system is also great. Members can browse Catholic Singles based on location, ethnicity, age, and many more.

Possibility to Meet your Love

There are three things to consider if you want to know whether there is the possibility to meet your love at any dating website: quality people, many members, and active users.

One of the exciting things about CatholicMatch is that searching matches are based on the last activity date. It will quickly help you know how recently users have been on the website. CatholicMatch has over 16,000 daily active members. So, there are higher chances of meeting a soulmate.

On the other hand, Catholic Singles has a small user base, nearly three times less than CatholicMatch. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no possibilities of finding the right match. If you are looking for a catholic-tailored website, Catholic Singles might be the best fit.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

The chances of finding a casual hookup at both websites are low. The two websites are faith-focused platforms aiming to give their members the best catholic dating experience possible.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Catholic Singles

A website that is all about Catholicism needs to be clean and easy to use. Catholic Singles aims to offer an experience that feels modern. While members can skip filling out some information during the registration process, you can edit them later. You will also find many details to add about yourself, including height, ethnicity, weight, and many more.

Catholic Singles at this website are assigned usernames, so there is no need to provide your real name. The website also allows members to block others, but there is no control over who will browse your pictures. It is also important to note that users aren’t screened to check their criminal backgrounds. So, it is hard to know whether they are who they describe themselves.


The website ticks all boxes when it comes to profile quality. It offers comprehensive profile information with four temperamental questions to answer. Profile details also include various topics, including members’ religious activities, favorite movies, and more. The website allows users to upload up to 50 images.

It is also worth mentioning that CatholicMatch is a safe website. It has a 24/7 advanced security system that monitors the website against suspicious behaviors.

Verification of Users

Verification to join catholic dating websites requires members to answer their beliefs, faith, and religious activities. Besides answering those questions, you will be required to upload a display picture, set up your profiles, and you are good to go.

Fakes or Scam

There is no doubt that these websites are all legit, safe and currently the most popular catholic dating website around. However, be aware of scams. Get to know their official websites.

Pricing Policies

Catholic Singles pricing packages

  • One month is worth $24.95
  • For three months you will pay $49.95
  • Six months is equivalent to $74.95

CatholicMatch subscription packages

  • One month costs $29.99
  • For six months you will be charged $89.94
  • 12 months would be worth $119.88

Free Membership

Both websites offer free membership. But if you want to enjoy fancier features, you need to subscribe to premium versions.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

Catholic Singles
Catholic Singles
GOOD FOR connecting Catholic people from worldwide
GOOD FOR singles who profess the faith for Catholicism

Though both are unique, a winner must be found. With a large user base, quality profiles, and excellent searching tools, it is safe to say that CatholicMatch stands to its big name. So, the winner is CatholicMatch.

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