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OkCupid vs POF: The Key Differences

OkCupid vs POF: The Key Differences

OkCupid is among the widely-known dating platforms. It is free and accessible in nearly two hundred nations. The service is offered in several languages, and there are more than thirty million customers from various backgrounds. The site has many active members. There are more than one million site visits each day.

POF, on the other hand, is not as highly popular and available as OkCupid. However, it is doing well in the dating scene. The platform is also free and gets updated regularly. There are nearly three times fewer members than OkCupid, and the site visits are not many either.

How OkCupid and POF Function?

The two dating services have differences and similarities. Below we have the advantages and drawbacks.


OkCupid POF
  • The service is free.
  • Users answer profile questions, which makes it easier to know compatible partners.
  • The profile layout is attractive.
  • Customers can upload ten pictures and connect their accounts to Instagram.
  • High response rate.
  • The dating site has some premium features, but the necessary services are free.
  • There are many members.
  • The operator has many years of matchmaking experience.
  • Users find matches through swiping.
  • Members can see the people that check out their profiles without spending money.


OkCupid POF
  • Free users cannot see people that view their profiles.
  • The site has fake members.
  • Users get annoying alerts. For instance, match notifications come daily, which is too much.
  • There is no video chat service.
  • The search tool, at times, brings errant findings.
  • Fake profiles.
  • Customers cannot hide their profiles. They can block malicious users but cannot conceal them. So, one ends up seeing the people they have already seen.
  • The site has flaky users. For example, someone can disappear after agreeing to meet you.
  • The free messaging feature attracts more spam members.
  • The site does not connect to other platforms like Instagram and Spotify.

Design And Usability: OkCupid vs POF

The websites’ designs are not the same.

  • OkCupid: The platform is user-friendly and features straightforward options.
  • POF: The site is a little messy, and users need time to understand how it functions.

Web & App Design


The platform design appears complicated to new users. However, as one keeps using the service, it becomes easier. The menus and tabs do not need explanation, which makes it easier to navigate the site.


The platform features a well-ordered design. It is simple to use, even for people new to online dating. You can explore the site without getting lost between the features and icons. At the upper section of all members, there is a menu for all components. The platform has few functions, and navigating is very intuitive.


OkCupid POF
Android App
Web/Desktop Version ✔ (login with FB)*

Member Base

Below is information about the two dating sites’ audiences.

a. Number of users


The platform has 78 million members. There are two million logins each day.


The site has 10 million customers. There are one million logins each day.

b. Age


The age and gender of users are diverse.

  • 18 to 24 years: 5% females and 10% males fall under the age bracket.
  • 25 to 34 years: 15% females and 25% males fall under the age bracket.
  • 35 to 44 years: 10% females and 15% males fall under the age bracket.
  • 45 to 54 years: 3% females and 19% males fall under the age bracket.
  • Over 55 years: 2% of females and 5% of males are above that age.

The age group with many users is 24 to 35 years.


Many individuals are between 25 and 34 years old. You can also find people of any other age above 18 years.

c. Geography

Both websites are available globally. They are famous in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, OkCupid is more famous outside these nations.

The site occupies more than 100 countries, and it is accessed through various languages. However, POF is available in 20 nations only, and users can access it in 9 languages.

Male/Female Accounts


Male users represent 65% of the site population. The females make 35% of the membership.


  • 60% of the users are men.
  • 40% of the users are women.

Registration & Profile

Joining any of the two dating platforms is simple and takes between ten to fifteen minutes.


The site features a straightforward registration activity that needs people to provide the following.

  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Date of birth.
  • Location.
  • Email.

There is additionally an option to join using a Facebook or a phone number. After that, they have to answer some questions. The best thing is that customers do not need to type their responses. Instead, the site offers choices for them to select.

Users also need to upload a photo and write their bio. You can skip this stage and do it later. Without a description, it will be hard to find a match.

The site asks for details about one’s preferences and other information needed to find compatible matches. The profile questions cover the following:

  • Personality.
  • Interests.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Religion.
  • Relationship type.

Other questions require members to describe the person they wish to meet.

Responses to all the questions assist in forming the compatibility percentage. The site does that using the roulette-type feature.

People with their compatibility percentage appear once you sign up and answer the profile questions. So, it is essential to provide enough details if you want to find the right partner.


The site registration process is simple and takes only ten minutes. First, customers need to answer some questions and write their bio. They also have to upload photos and confirm their identities through a mobile number.

The site features an anti-bot system to prevent registration from automated systems.

The questions that users need to answer are detailed. There are no optional questions, implying that the profiles have sufficient data. The information includes:

  • Gender.
  • Relationship type.
  • The number of kids one has.

OkCupid vs POF: Differences In Searching And Matching

POF and OkCupid serve individuals of different age brackets. Both websites offer quality matches.

The OkCupid site appeals to young people, often those in their twenties and thirties. However, POF is widespread among individuals that are currently in their thirties.

Both platforms feature genuine users. Many users are looking for long-term partners. Still, the two websites allow customers to specify what they want when they register.

The common thing between OkCupid and POF is that men get turned off by females interested in long-term affairs or marriage. So, both platforms are ideal for casual relationships.

However, since there are millions of members, meeting someone interested in long-term dating or marriage is possible.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Both OkCupid and POF have many users. Though most of them want casual relationships, it is possible to meet someone interested in spending the rest of their life with you.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Both dating platforms are ideal for users that want relationships with no commitments. However, it is possible to find many people interested in dating for fun.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Users provide a lot of information on both dating sites.


When creating profiles, users go past the essential details. Instead, they include spicy additionals that make them stand out. You can describe the things you like, the people you love spending time with, your interests and more. You can also indicate what you want. It can be someone to start a family with or find individuals that want to have some fun. As long as you provide honest details, the matches you see will be accurate.

POF profiles are more detailed than most similar sites. The questions users answer do not only describe them. They are broad because they encompass information that most platforms overlook. For instance, there are details about users’ parents, siblings, and how long their previous relationship lasted. Such information creates a broad picture that assists users in finding the correct matches.

It is easy to distinguish between fake and real users using profile details.


The site has detailed profiles, and users can view them, including their images, for free. Each of them has a simple structure. Shared photos appear in the upper section. There is also a little information regarding every member. They provide it when signing up and completing profiles.

Most users mention their personalities in detail, while others write briefly. The good thing is that profile descriptions are a must. So, you can never find empty user pages.

Responses to personality questions get included on each profile. They are helpful because they make analyzing potential partners easier.

Verification of Users


Users’ accounts get approved through SMS, making sure fake and malicious individuals do not access the service.


Users get verified using Facebook accounts or phone numbers.

Fakes or Scam

OkCupid security measures

The site gives customers security as per its privacy policy. However, some customers misuse the service. So, every user needs to explore the website discreetly and be aware of individuals with bad intentions.

Users can report and block anyone that harasses them.


The dating site has been operating for many years, making it have a good reputation. Safety measures get updated each time to keep users safe. Customers can also block and report anyone that goes against the website rules.

Site operators also monitor forums. As a result, people sharing inappropriate content, using abusive language, or spamming others, get eliminated from the website.

Another safety measure is the anti-bot system used to prevent registration from automated systems.

The site also allows users to choose who can contact them. For example, one can select people based on gender, location, age, display picture, text contents, etc.

Pricing Policies

In account upgrades, POF may appear convenient, but it is not. If you choose a long-term membership, OkCupid is more affordable. It costs 9.95 USD per month, while POF costs 10.18 USD.

OkCupid platform lets customers purchase a half-year plan for 59.70 USD. However, POF allows people to gain through lower prices if they choose the eight-month subscription, where users pay 81.44 USD.

Customers that prefer a short period will benefit from POF, which has a lower monthly cost than the two-month OkCupid plan.

Charges summary


  • One month: 19.95 USD.
  • Three months: 14.95 USD per month.
  • Six months: 9.95 USD per month.


  • Two months: 19.35 USD per month.
  • Four months: 12.75 USD per month.
  • Eight months: 10.18 USD per month.

Free Membership

Below are the services that customers enjoy without paying.


  • Account creation.
  • Messaging service.
  • Customers can find matches.
  • You may include people you like on your favorite list.
  • Users can see active members.
  • People can undergo the compatibility predictor quiz.
  • Free members can see other people’s profiles.
  • Customers can exchange voice messages.
  • Users can take part in forums.
  • Members can see people close to them.
  • The app gets downloaded for free.


  • Customers register without paying.
  • The messaging service is free.
  • Users can find compatible matches.
  • People can monitor who they like.
  • Customers can browse other people’s profiles.
  • Members can take part in Double Take.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

As seen from every section covered above, OkCupid wins. The site does everything better than POF. You can meet your dream partner there or find the right people for hookups. There are many helpful features at affordable costs, and the number of users is perfect.

POF can be a good option, too, because it is possible to find the right partner. However, it is not as good as OkCupid.

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