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POF VS Match: The Key Differences

POF VS Match: The Key Differences

Match was established in 1995, while POF received its green light to operate in 2003. A rough estimate reveals that the latter was launched eight years later. The operators founded POF as an option to Match and a good matchmaking site for various types of relationships. Note that the two dating platforms are avenues for seeking long-term affairs. Thus, no one can say that finding love isn’t challenging, yet they can use these two apps to find a true connection. Your destined fiancé could be somewhere in any of these apps.

The apps have wide usage across the world. Even better, both experience a gradual increase in the number of daily subscriptions. Thus, you may not have to invest too much time in finding your desired partner. Instead, you will just need to become a member and browse other users’ profiles to fish out the one you deem suitable for you.

Match lets you swipe to the right side of the profile to show interest to the member. But if you swipe to the left, it means you do not like what you see. The app is designed to notify users of any mutual likes, a feature that makes it simple for both parties to start a conversation. And if you are looking to find a mere casual hookup, a one-night stand, or just a partner for a weekend out, Match may not be the right place for you. As stated earlier, the platform encourages long-term connections.

POF has a lot of users at the moment. Besides, that has been the trend. The app receives daily new memberships. Scrolling down on the homepage reveals profiles of other users. If you are interested in matching with any of the users, you are only required to tick or mark the profile. In addition, you can set to receive daily matches.

When it comes to experience, both are well-equipped since they have been in the industry for many years. The following section reveals further info about the two apps that you need to know.

How Does POF and Match Apps Operate

Both have numerous features that work differently to give a customized experience to their users.


POF has impressive features that give it a look liked by most love seekers. However, anyone using the mobile app gets a similar experience as those using its website since they offer the same features and a simple user interface.

POF has features that reveal all users that are compatible with you. For example, all users receive a list of the newly registered members within the last 30 days. Besides, the app notifies users if there are members whose profiles closely match theirs.

The ‘near me’ feature makes it easy for all users to fish out matches that are in their neighborhood or the same city. Thus, you will not end up in a long-distance affair that may not fulfill your dating goals. The ‘super yes’ feature is another notable element of the app. This feature improves the ease of getting matches.


The interface of Match is simple to use. You can explore all the notable elements of the app in a few minutes. Once you browse across the listed matches, you can choose the profile liked and start a conversation. On the platform, it is easy to video chat your matches.


POF Match
  • Allows users to engage in live streaming.
  • There are minimal limits when it comes to messaging.
  • A lot of alerts are issued to send quality messages.
  • It has a simple onboarding process that requires minimal info.
  • Users are matched with plenty of potential partners.
  • It has search filters.
  • It is known to offer a chance to meet a long-term partner.
  • It has many profiles that are verified.
  • It has a video chat feature that improves communication.
  • It has a free version that is easy to use yet effective.
  • Its search filter tool is excellent in its work.
  • Its interface is simple yet intuitive.


POF Match
  • The app does not allow users to link their social media accounts during registration.
  • Free messaging has been affected by numerous scam cases.
  • The approval of the new profiles takes some time.
  • It is a costly app.

Design and Usability: POF VS Match

Both apps are well-designed and straightforward. You can use both apps on desktop and mobile devices to browse across the profiles.

Web & App Design

The web version of both apps is unique. However, the two apps possess the same features.

  1. Search Filters

With the help of the search filtering feature, you can use keywords like body type, age, location, etc., to find your match. This feature is meant to save you time and effort employed in the search for a potential partner.

  1. Poke/Wink features

The Poke feature lets you know when someone pokes you. If they poke you, it means they are interested in you. You can poke them back, like their profile, or even start a conversation.

Both platforms possess a pleasant and vibrant user interface. Thus, all users have a smooth navigation experience. In addition, the helpful features in both apps make it easy for all users to search, start a conversation, or even video chat with their partners.


POF Match
IOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes

Member Base

The platforms are among the top dating services in the world. They have members from various countries, and you will realize that the number of active users on each is impressive.

Male/Female Accounts


Male singles dominate the platform. They are 60% while females occupy the remaining 40%. The app reveals that more than 10 million conversations are shared every day on the site.


The app has female dominance with a 52 %. Most of the female accounts have nice and complete profiles.

a. Number of users


Since it was established, POF has garnered ninety million members. Seventy-eight million subscribers are from the United States. Estimates show that the app receives 3.6 million daily users. The site uses only five different languages.


Match operates in twenty-four countries, and its population exceeds 15 million. It works in 15 languages. In a typical month, more than 40 million people visit the app.

b. Age

  • POF: The app is full of young adults in age the bracket from twenty-five to thirty-four.
  • Match: Most of the members in this app are above 30 but below 45 years.

c. Geography

Both offer global dating services. Thus, you may find people of various races, locations, religions, etc. However, many users are based in the United States of America.

Registration & Profile

Both platforms have typically complex sign-up procedures. Members must be attentive and provide all requested information. The reason behind the tight process is to ensure members’ security. Also, profiles need to look complete.


Just like any other dating platform, the onboarding process starts with filling a profile questionnaire. The fields include gender, education, type of relationship, wish to have children in the future, language, ambitions, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot link your existing social media accounts to POF.

Also, you will have to upload the photos from your device. The app does not allow users to import from social media accounts. Once you are done with the registration process, you can start looking for matches. And if you want to get the best experience, you should upgrade to a premium plan.


The sign-up process takes a few minutes. However, it is good to make sure your profile is duly filled in before you start looking for matches. Details for the profile include:

  • Gender
  • Active Email
  • Age

Log in for the free plan that makes you eligible for the 7-day free attempt. With this plan, you can enjoy the site, but it is just meant to give you a taste of what the app offers. After seven days, you are upgraded to premium if you did not cancel your free trial.

POF VS Match: Differences in Searching and Matching

In POF, you have a compatibility rate. They use the matching algorithms on the site to figure out if you match one another. They use things such as self-control, family orientation, and user confidence. Your opinions on other issues such as politics and religious matters help them know your right match. Upon launching a search, those with similar traits as yours are availed.

In Match, searching and matching are done using the filter. Mostly, you have to swipe to see the potential matches.

Possibility to meet your Love

There is a big chance of meeting your love on these sites.


POF has a unique feature that helps reveal your matches. The Ultra Match feature can tell a user who is the most likely good fit for them. Besides, the app gives an option to have your profile suggested to other possible partners.


On Match, you can find your love. It has many testimonials that reveal how the couples met on the app and have lived together for years, and the affair is just going strong. Thus, there are high chances of finding a partner on this app.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


POF can offer a casual affair for you. The chances are high once you specify the type of relationship you are interested in. Thus, a casual hookup is a click away on POF.

Match Up

Match offers dating services to anyone interested in a long-term affair. Thus, there are low chances of finding casual hookups.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

The profiles must be unique. Privacy is also highly encouraged. However, for your safety, be attentive to anyone you decide to meet with.


POF has many unique profiles. They are of the expected quality; thus, members can easily find their matches. It has banded face filters. Sexual pictures are also prohibited to ensure all users get decent profiles. Its security policies are clear, and the system has an algorithm that keeps all users safe.


The app can detect and shut down all fake profiles within a day. So, all current profiles are genuine, and you can find love safely.

Verification of Users

On both platforms, users are verified.

  • POF: Bots on the site prompt all users to verify before they log in.
  • Match: The app uses a unique biometric system that verifies users with their ID and face scans.

Fakes or Scam


The security is taken care of at POF. However, it would be best to be vigilant not to fall victim to a scammer who may bypass the site’s security bots. Every user you meet on the site is a stranger. You should mind your safety, though the platform deletes fake profiles regularly.


Match has few scammer cases. Most fake accounts are identified and shut down within the first 24 hours after registration.

Pricing Policies

Pricing is as follows:


Free plan

  • It allows you to use the site but may have limits.

Premium plan:

  • Two months – $38.70
  • Eight months plan – $51.00
  • You can pay for your subscription using a credit card, PayPal, and mobile phone.
  • You are required to buy messaging tokens, and the price starts from $1.99

Premium Features:

  • Standing out in the search results
  • Viewing full profiles
  • Knowing the sent message status
  • Free gifts to send to your liked matches
  • Ad-free browsing


  • 7-day trial – offered for free
  • The basic premium plan offers discounts. For example, you can save about 51% on a plan that lasts for six months, and about 53% for a plan that ends after 12 months.

Free Membership

Both POF and Match have free plans.


  • Users can download the POF app
  • Find a match
  • Add a match to the list of favorites
  • View profiles
  • Send audio and text messages


  • You can come up with your profile
  • You can add your photos
  • Send and receive winks from possible matches
  • Browse the site without paying any dime
  • Find a potential match

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

Both platforms have their benefits and flaws, and you should choose the right one according to your goals. If your intention is to find the perfect one to start a meaningful relationship, then you should opt for Match. If you just want to have fun, go for POF.

Dating online is now easier than you may think. It just requires a few minutes to register on a dating app, create a unique and impressive profile, upload a picture, and start looking for matches. Scroll and browse various profiles to find out which one seems lovely to you. Upon finding one, you can poke and wink at them and start a conversation. Besides, you can video call them if you are on a premium plan. You can decide to use the free plan if you just want to understand if the site is right for you. But do not forget to cancel the free trial if the app doesn’t work for you. Match wins the contest.

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